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MAI Wellness Program

The MAI (pronounced MY) WELLNESS PROGRAM provides you with unlimited spiritual healing treatments

First time patients as well as existing patients can enroll in the program. For only $75/month (payable in six month renewable periods) you can partake in a program that includes two examinations and treatments per month, or more if necessary. It will provide you with unlimited treatments at no additional cost. This program is similar to the Chinese tradition of paying doctors when the patient was well but not when he was sick. You may call in with health issues and they will be treated, but no additional charges beyond the monthly fee will occur.

The call-in option is not for chit chat − you can state your issue in one sentence − I will usually reply with the words “I’ll take care of it now, call me tomorrow if you don’t feel some improvement.”

All spiritual healing treatments are done remotely. That means:

  • no time off from work or household chores
  • no travel time
  • no travel expense

Also, this program does not prescribe prescriptions, or supplements, and has no co-pay requirements.

This is a revolutionary healing program made possible by my increased awareness of spiritual healing, which you can take advantage of by enrolling in the MAI WELLNESS PROGRAM today by pressing the Buy Now button below.