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Welcome my brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, to, a website
designed to assist you in living a more healthful lifestyle leading to mental, physical, and
spiritual wellness.

The attack on our health and well-being continues to intensify as the pollution of our air, water,
food, and thinking accelerates, but working against the system responsible for these conditions
produces little in the way of positive results; therefore, the best chances for survival and good
health accrue when we decide to live outside of the system and practice a more natural way of
life, avoiding or at least minimizing our exposure to toxic environments, eating (when we can
afford them) organic foods, evolving towards a vegetarian diet, and utilizing holistic health
treatments when illness does occur.

Human beings and all life were designed to be healthy. What we call sickness and disease are
symptoms of toxemia caused by pollution, the most damaging being the pollution of the mind
brought about by the destruction of the fundamental learning center called the family, and its
replacement with a philosophy of gross materialism legislated by government and promoted by
mass media; a subject dealt with in greater detail on

This website will focus on wellness and the steps we can take to attain it, offering information
on holistic healing, food recommendations and sources, physical exercises, home economics,
organic farming, and other factors contributing to health and well-being while living in the
current negative environment of our society.

We offer spiritual healing services, which we consider to be the highest form of healing and will be explained in more detail elsewhere.

By subscribing to this website you will automatically receive copies of the essays I write and the
information they contain on improving wellness.

I thank you for your interest and look forward to your support and participation as we
collectively strive to improve the wellness of all of society.

Elder George