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The extreme cold currently affecting most of the United States and Canada reminded me that one of the many discomforts of severe cold weather results from dry skin. In the realm of wellness subjects dry skin ranks rather low as a matter of importance or concern, yet many people are afflicted by it, and in severe cases the discomfort can be great; therefore, I thought addressing the condition would be worthy of your interest.

As the weather becomes colder some people experience slight dryness and occasional flaking of their skin, others experience severe dryness and itching, and some might experience bleeding when they scratch themselves. Some people develop rashes on their legs and arms, and/or faces for the length of the winter season.

A home remedy that I have found to be highly effective in conditioning the skin is sesame seed oil. By covering the entire body with this oil, leaving it on for 45 minutes, and then showering with mild soap or no soap will within a week produce a soft, smooth, irritation free skin texture.

Until the skin reaches this state I have found applying witch hazel on inflamed areas reduces itching significantly.

Covering the entire body with natural skin conditioners is not an uncommon practice. Many West Africans cover their entire bodies with Shea Butter every day. You might find this practice helpful as well, although I find the sesame seed oil to be more effective.

In cases of extreme irritation and discomfort a commercial product called Lipikar Baume manufactured by La Roche-Posay is highly effective in controlling skin irritation. It is expensive, but one tube could last for years.

Other uses of sesame seed oil are as a scalp conditioner (it relives itching) and as non-greasy hair grooming for men. Sesame seed oil can also be used to protect the skin from the summer sun.

If sesame seed oil is used daily as recommended above, most of your skin problems will disappear.

I trust the above information will be helpful to you in coping with any skin issues that might arise.


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