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Accident Injury

Injured Ankle

In the mid 1970′s I was in a rather serious auto accident. Among other injuries my right foot was crushed. The resulting arthritic condition had worsened over the last several years and my radius of operation had been decreasing. The pain had become severe and I considered pain management as the next medical procedure.

One day Elder George whom I had never met but considered a close friend from internet correspondence, suggested I give Pranic Healing a try. I thought “sure, what have I got to lose?” I was not familiar with the concept of Prana but George said it had worked for him (and when one is in pain one is open to experimentation with whatever offers relief). We agreed to try three sessions a week for a month to see if it helped.

A few hours after my phone conversation with George (he was in New York and I was in California), I was sitting in my chair in my office when I felt this wave flow through me. The feeling was sort of like when one takes a deep breath and holds it for a time to build up the tension and then lets it out. I had never spontaneously witnessed this sensation before. (I assumed that George was doing his Energy Healing).

Over the next few days I became aware that my ankle felt different. It was very subtle and I am unable to describe the difference. I do know that I was striding out more confidently, unconcerned with the likelihood of pain. Prior to my treatments I would be hesitant in my movements, anticipating the discomfort with each step.

I was stunned at how quickly the pain ceased. I have essentially no pain in my ankle when I walk now. One day I walked several miles with no pain. And the very best part: I did not have to do a thing. The pain just magically disappeared.

Thank you Elder George H.D. Sacramento, CA