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In describing alternatives to allopathic medicine (the common form of medical practice) terms such as holistic, new-age, alternative, energy and psychic healing are used. The purpose of this essay is to introduce to the reader that branch of healing known as psychic healing and what it entails.

The term psychic means unseen. Herbal treatments, homeopathic remedies, chiropractic adjustments, aromatherapy, and treating with oils, while very effective,  fall outside of the realm of psychic healing for they deal with the seen.

The stages of psychic healing are energy healing, suggestive healing, mental healing, and spiritual healing.

Energy healing is fairly common and two of the most known forms are reiki healing, which originated in Japan, and pranic healing, which originated in India. Both of these forms of healing use universal energy to cleanse chakras and energize them as part of the treatment of a patients ailments. Advanced practitioners of these two forms of energy healing can return sick people to normal health.

A level above energy healing is suggestive healing and consists of suggesting to the patient that they will be healed. Shamans perform this type of healing as do other practitioners among indigenous societies. They might throw powder in the patients face, shake their rattles, chant an incantation, or do a brief dance, but the objective is to convince the person that he will be healed. The patient then on a subjective basis calls upon his instinctive mind to repair the affected organ or limb. This is a very effective form of healing that has served humankind for millenia.

Mental healing is a level above suggestive healing and can be performed upon oneself and others. In performing on oneself, the individual speaks to the affected organ and tells it to heal itself. There is a mind in all of our organs, and it can be spoken to. Many people do this instinctively without any formal knowledge of mental healing.

In treating others, the practitioner has a mental image of the healed organ that he projects to the person requiring the healing.

The highest form of psychic healing is spiritual healing. This type of healing calls upon the spirit to heal. The healing power is independent of the healer’s abilities and therefore the true spiritual healer charges little for his efforts. A person cannot study spiritual healing, it is something that he evolves toward and is bestowed upon him.

The purpose of this essay was to acquaint you with a form of healing that is relatively obscure in the modern age of reliance on and worship of machines and computers. There is another world out there that you are evolving towards.

For those of you  who also subscribe to you will note that in my latest series of essays I refer to the three requirements of a stable society as; spiritual awareness, gender understanding, and family focus. Psychic healing falls under the category of spiritual awareness. As we become more spiritually aware our lives change for the better and I hope that this brief essay will serve as a small step in improving your lives as you increase your awareness of the unseen psychic existence.


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