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Sidewalk Healing


These healing were made on the sidewalk or at a store when the individuals informed me of their physical issue.

  1. Sore throat – A young woman who worked as a checker at the local market informed me that she had a sore throat and that it was bleeding for two days, and she was going home to make an appointment with the doctor. I treated her on the sidewalk for three minutes. Two days later I saw her at the market and she informed me that she was healed by the time she got home.
  2. Torn ligaments—A woman who operated the snack bar at a railroad station had torn the ligaments of her middle finger and had it encased in a stainless steel splint. She said the pain was so severe that she went to the doctor that morning for a morphine injection. I applied treatment for three minutes. A week later when I saw her, the splint was off and she told me the doctor was surprised at how fast it healed.
  3. Pain in elbow—A construction worker had chronic pain in his right elbow. I treated him for three minutes on the sidewalk. A month later when I met him again he informed me that the pain never came back even though he was weight training regularly.
  4. Pain in leg—A woman cashier in a restaurant told me her right leg was in severe pain and that she was going to the emergency room after work. I treated her from my apartment while she was at work. She informed me the next day that she didn’t go to the emergency room and felt much better. She is completely healed.