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In the essay titled More on Nutrition, I stated, “Always pray over your food and the energy it was designed to have will be restored.”  This energy cannot be seen or measured by conventional means but it exists and can be called upon when needed.

If divine energy can be directed into an apple, isn’t it reasonable to expect that it can also be directed into the human body? The practice of energizing with prayer is not limited to food but applies to your body as well.

Below is a prayer that I have developed for my patients. I can tell you with certainty that the invocation of this prayer will increase your health aura and increase the energy level in every chakra. You might still need treatment by a healer, (the means of answering your prayers could be having a healer come into your life) but you will have taken a giant step towards normalizing your health by energizing your body. I recommend that you invoke this prayer once a day.

Body Energizing Prayer and Healing Prayer

Dear God, I thank you for your Divine Love and its infinite energy and healing power.

There is only one energy source and it comes from you.

 I request this infinite energy fill every cell of my body, raising its energy to the level it was intended to have.

 I ask that this infinite energy drive all malfunction out of my body and restore my body to its natural operation.

 I name before you all injuries, malfunctions, and weaknesses in my body and mind, and ask that you remove or heal them as you deem necessary.

 I thank you in humbleness, humility, and gratitude.


When you invoke this prayer the second time instead of asking for healing of the specific issues mentioned in the next to last paragraph, thank God that they are all being resolved. God does not have a bad memory; once you ask for something know that it is in the process of happening. Keep on thanking God. “When a man prays and believes he has received it, it shall be his.”Mark 11:24.

The time is not far distant when the national healthcare system will fail both financially and competently, motivating people to seek treatment from alternate and natural systems of health care, most of which use unseen forces. Good health comes from living the life you were designed to live in accordance with nature and the unseen spiritual forces that motivate it.

Be well.


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